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You are slowly out growing your current home, whether be that you require further bedrooms, or you would like an extra room downstairs for use as either an office or a playroom for the children. But what do you do? Your choices are either move house to a larger property, or if you have the land, extend your current home.

There are several reasons why adding an extension to your home makes sense, particularly with the continued uncertainty in the housing market.

Proximity of the schools attended by our children, access to public amenities and closeness to family are all compelling reasons to stay where you are.

The stresses and strains of trying to sell a house and buy another one simultaneously are so often hazardous affairs.

Adding an extension to your house depends on whether or not you have the available land adjacent to your property. If you do, an extension can radically improve a property. Bigger, better space and extra rooms can add value, and make a house more attractive to buyers.

Whichever it is, taking part of your garden and converting it into living space often transforms a home.

Here are several examples of extensions we have recently carried out.