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Our Core Values

Freewood Building Contractors believe that whilst we are an organisation that aims to make profit year on year, in order to sustain the employment and livelihood of its employees, it also has a duty of care to all of the stakeholders surrounding it.

This means that we work within the legal and moral parameters expected of a Bona Fide Limited Company when it comes to dealing with employees, the environment and the general public.

We invest a large part of our profits in our people whom we regard as the backbone of our business. Working closely with the Construction Skills Organisation, Freewood Building Contractors still have apprenticeship schemes. We believe that the future of our business depends on the young people we bring into the industry.

The local community in which we work also means a great deal to us - all of the people who work for Freewood Building Contractors are local to our business. We are committed to several local charities including SAFA, KIND and regularly contribute to the Red Cross, Cancer Research and the Children with Leukaemia charity.

The company's philosophy is People, Planet, Profit - in that order!